Big comeback to Formula 1!

On monday 11th, BAT has announced a new global partnership with McLaren rooted in advanced technology and innovation.

The multi-year partnership is focused on accelerating its transforming tobacco agenda, at the heart of which is its commitment to providing a portfolio of potentially reduced risk products (PRRPs), which can deliver a “better tomorrow” for its consumers.


As part of the agreement, BAT will work closely with McLaren Applied Technologies, collaborating and sharing technology expertise; including batteries, advanced materials and design.  The two companies will share best practice, processes, innovation, know-how and mutual experience.

As a global partner of the McLaren Formula One team, BAT will have on-car and off-car presence throughout the season, at all times in line with applicable regulation and legislation.  BAT’s new-to-world and thought-leading “A Better Tomorrow” platform will be introduced at McLaren’s 2019 car launch on 14 February.


Commenting on the partnership, Kingsley Wheaton, BAT’s Chief Marketing Officer said:


“We’re extremely proud and excited about this new partnership, further enabling us to accelerate the pace at which we innovate and transform ourselves.  It gives us a truly global platform with which to drive greater resonance of our potentially reduced risk products, including our Vype, Vuse and glo brands.  Ultimately, innovation and technology will support us in creating a “better tomorrow” for our consumers worldwide.”


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