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About the programme

Global Graduate Programme is an unique annual development programme within the structures of the Polish and Central Europe North Area markets. That guarantees truly international experience and development in progressive business; business that is in constant motion and implements innovative solutions designed to build the success.

Programme includes 18 months of intensive development, international experience, and two-week training courses in the UK – a managerial role after one year, and then participants can truly shape theirs careers towards senior management roles. The possibilities are endless.

Take a look at our Facebook page, where you will find a lot of coverage – GGP Diary, videos from BAT Grad Academy in the UK, and other materials to give you a first-hand feel of the programme. Follow KarierawBAT.

See what you can gain from the programme
real responsibility and challenging tasks to fully show off your potential
opportunity to develop skills through the world-class training courses in the UK
opportunity to network with other participants from around the world
individual support and coaching from Senior Managers
managerial position upon successful completion of the programme
open door to a challenging career and promotion for senior managerial roles
contract of employment, a competitive salary and an extensive benefit package

Any questions to make sure that this is the perfect option for you?


Recruitment process

Apply and meet us during recruitment process:
1. Application
2. Verbal and numeral tests
3. Video recruitment
4. Interwiev with recruiter
5. Assessment Centre

We don’t look for typical candidates, we are looking for Candothats, ambitious people with a passion for challenging tasks and an ability to quickly adapt to a dynamic environment. We are looking for graduates, or last year students, who already have at least one year of professional experience (including internships and development programmes, work in student organizations), have the ambition to become a manager within 18 months and to become the head of a team and a department within a few years.

Join the programme in Marketing, Sales, Finance an IT and kick start your long-term career at BAT!

Do you want to learn more about Global Graduate Programme in other countries? Visit the global career page:

About the programme
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See what you may benefit
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Recruitment process
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global graduate programme
About the programme

Join the internship programme in Marketing, Sales and Finance departments.

The Internship Programme gives you a chance to execute your own projects for 6 months during payable internship. It is the best time to gain experience, learn about FMCG industry and develop yourself in the culture of everyday feedback.

What do you have in #AżSTAŻ?

• 6 months of ambitious tasks from real business cases
• work in the international work environment
• attractive payment
• flexible working hours
• work with mentor to increase your abilities
• great job climate and extra benefits

For the best interns there are career possibility after finishing the programme – specialist positions or PARTICIPATION IN THE Global Graduate Programme!

See what you can gain from the programme
upon completion of the programme – a specialist position, or PARTICIPATION IN A MANAGERIAL PROGRAMME for the best interns
responsible tasks to fully show off your potential
training and intensive new experience through ambitious tasks
competitive salary and a benefit package
individual support from the Programme Manager

Internship Programme is also an ideal pass for a fast career in BAT for people starting their career path.

Now, after your internship, you can move to the 18-month Global Graduate Programme and truly shape your career in the direction of managerial roles. See more about the Global Graduate Programme!

Any questions to make sure that this is the perfect option for you? We are waiting for you on Facebook, follow BAT CareersT!

Recruitment process

We currently offer #AżSTAŻ in Marketing, Sales and Finance and HR Departments.

Apply and meet us in the recruitment process:
Proces rekrutacji:

1. Aplication
2. Online call with recruiter
3. Verbal and numeral tests
4. Assessment Centre

#AżSTAŻ is perfect idea for:

# students from III to IV year of studies
# those with analytical skills and fast learners
# those who like and speak English well
# people taking initiatives and those who like challenges
# individuals actively operating in student organizations

About the programme
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See what you may benefit
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Recruitment process
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internship programme
sales internships
About the programme

Summer Operations Placement Programme – experience a summer adventure in Augustów and make the first step towards your professional successes.

We invite students and graduates interested in Operations to participate in internships at various departments of the Augustów factory.

Internships take place in summer, giving you a unique opportunity to get the most of your holidays and gain experience at a dynamic international corporation and learn about the specific nature of the FMCG industry.

At BAT we do not pay you for “making coffee”; you will get the chance, and challenge, to pursue your own independent projects. Your Placement Leader will provide you with advice and valuable tips on your duties.

Holiday placements are also an opportunity for us – this is our chance to meet young talented people who bring enthusiasm, fresh perspective and innovative ideas to our organization.

See what you can gain from the programme

During your internships you will be a proper member of the team, facing real business challenges and receiving a salary.

You will learn about the specific nature of the FMCG industry and face tasks that require specific skills.

With the support of your manager and colleagues from the department, you will carry out independent projects, and you will definitely learn, practice and develop a lot during this time.

The programme can be a great introduction to further cooperation with British American Tobacco.

Recruitment process

Second to fifth year students of any major with a minimum of good English and a history of additional student activity and interesting achievements are invited to participate in this programme.


About the programme
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See what you may benefit
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Recruitment process
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