Poland is a market belonging to the Central Europe North Area, which, apart from Poland, includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We implement our strategic goals within the area in such a way as to lead the business to growth, face new challenges and create unlimited development opportunities for our employees.

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In Poland British American Tobacco Group consists of two companies: British American Tobacco Polska Trading Sp. z o.o. (office in Warsaw and Salesforce in field across the whole Poland) and British-American Tobacco Polska S.A. (factory in Augustów).

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British American Tobacco
Polska Trading in Warsaw

From 2017, our Warsaw office has become not only the heart of a commercial company in Poland, but also the headquarters of a leading market in a new structure of Central and Northern Europe (referred to as NCEA – Northern Central European Area).

This change strengthens our position and creates international development opportunities for our employees. In our Warsaw office work employees of various fields and levels: specialists, junior managers, managers who are managing the company and those who are supporting our Sales Force in field. Combined, the office and the Field Force Sales employ about 900 people.

We want to provide high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of our clients, which is why we focus on development by investing in Poland for over a decade.

We are currently second company in the Polish market in terms of retail sales, and are the first international tobacco company in Poland to have introduced a new sales model – direct sales to several dozen thousand points of sale.

British-American Tobacco
Polska S.A. in Augustów

The Augustów factory is one of the key British American Tobacco factories in the world. A comprehensive production process takes place here: from delivery of tobacco leaves to production of the finished product.

Every year we manufacture about 50 billion cigarettes; our processes are highly varied and we pay great attention to the excellent quality of each of the brands.

The heart of the Augustów factory is the production department, along with the quality, logistics, scheduling, and engineering departments. We work with experts in the field of new technologies, including specialists from different countries and cultures. We focus on implementation of modern technologies and continuous improvement of our staff.

Our Augustów site employs about 1 300 people. We are a leader in the implementation of new quality standards. All areas of the plant’s operation (including production, distribution, and management processes) are carried out in accordance with implemented standards of the Integrated Management System, which includes ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and OHSAS 18002 (health and safety management).

Chic Sp. z o.o. S.K.A.

CHIC group joined BAT in 2015. The group is composed of: eSmoking World the largest, multi-brand sales network of e-cigarettes in Europe, eSmoking Liquids one of Europe's most modern manufacturing facilities specializing in the production of nicotine fluids, located in Rojów, near Ostrzeszów and R&D unit - eSmoking Institute.

Strategy and values
Strategy of British American Tobacco

What distinguishes British American Tobacco from other companies in the market are our Strategies and Values. They are our strong foundation of a socially responsible and sustainable business that creates the future for our industry.

Tobacco remains the foundation of our business operations and continues to provide us with opportunities to make profit and to grow. We are also involved in the development and promotion of new generation products and other nicotine products.

Values of British American Tobacco

As British American Tobacco employees, we behave in accordance with certain shared principles. We want our actions and behaviours to be based on the values developed by the organization.
The four phrases that perfectly describe the Culture and the atmosphere at our company are a reflection of our four values:





BAT Globally

The company was founded in 1902 by James “Buck” Duke as a joint venture of the British Imperial Tobacco Company and its American competitor, American Tobacco Company. Despite its name, which combines the head office locations of the founding companies, British American Tobacco was established to operate outside the United Kingdom and the United States and had entered the markets of many countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and continental Europe.

British American Tobacco started its operation with one specific goal in mind – to become:
“world’s best at satisfying consumer moments in tobacco and beyond”.
cigarettes manufactured
cigarettes sold worldwide
in which we are a leading company
in 41 countries
55 000
employees worldwide
spent on charity and social initiatives
32 170billion
pounds to governments around the world through excise and other taxes
45 872milion
pounds of annual turnover